Managing your time is always a challenge!  Luckily we live in a day with technology at the reach of our fingers.

Apps make things like saving recipes and counting calories a cinch.  But, did you know that there are also apps that help you manage time!

As the time geeks that we are, we have spent the time (ha-ha, get it?) to investigate and provide our recommendations for the best time management apps of 2016:

  1. TOGGL – When it comes to documenting your time on a regular basis, TOGGL offers you that capability and then some! It is a great little app that is easy to use even for the less tech minded.  With team viewer you can not only track your time but your employee/team’s time and productivity.
  2. REMEMBER THE MILK – We like this app not only because of its creative name but because it is an all you need time management app plus is ideal for computers and smartphones. Juggling everything from work to home, this little app packs in the punches to a productive day.
  3. DO – this app is great for team use and personal use and allows one to plan out projects (or your day!), assign to-do lists and create calendar event entries. With its sharing capabilities, your whole family or team can all be on the same page!
  4. HARVEST – oldie but a goody, this app has stood the test of time (ha! Love time jokes!) by providing a user-friendly experience combined with useful time tracking tools. Whether you need a solution for personal use or a project team, HARVEST is something to look into.
  5. TIMELY – have you looked for an app with the best of both worlds of time tracking and scheduling? Then look no further than TIMELY!  With its simple timer linked to projects, you can quickly document your productivity.

These are only 5 time management apps.  We didn’t have the time to review the over 1000 different ones available!  So, we hope you have enjoyed our app reviews and find the time to download a few to try out.  Who knows maybe one will be the perfect fit!  If you missed our blog from last week, don’t forget to check it out “How You Start Your Day Matters“.

For even more tips and apps on time management, check out this video!

alarm-clock-1647866_640Alarm. Snooze. Alarm again. Snooze again.

Alarm again (wait, is this the third time or did I auto pilot it a couple of times before this one?)

Panic. Rush. Delays during the rush. Accidents. More delays.


Begin day.

IF this sounds like you (and the majority of most Americans), it’s no wonder you probably hate mornings!

However, there is good news: you are doing it all wrong!

Here are 3 ways to starting your day off right that will, if you make them habitual (which will take time and discipline), you are sure to start enjoying your day much more!

  1. Plan Your Day the Night Before: This is step 1 for a reason! Spending even 30 minutes outlining your next day’s activities and work will help to remove stress to get things figured out in the moment and then scramble to prioritize. Make sure to dedicate blocks of time not only to the tasks you want to accomplish but for the in between and at least one brief break (note: lunch is not a break, it’s a necessity; take a small break mid afternoon if possible).
  2. Get Up One Hour Earlier: Yeah, this is a tough one, but it’s one of the habits that will help your entire day! This extra hour gives you time to review your daily plan (that you made the night before), give you a few minutes to get in some exercise, and make your breakfast with enough time to eat it in relative peace without the rush.
  3. Positive Reinforcement: During your extra hour of relative consciousness (relative to how long it takes for your brain to wake up fully), listen to something positive as you spend this first hour to set your thought processes in a forward and happy direction. Positive music, religious music or speaking, a positive life coach video, etc. There is no end to positive things to listen to (amidst the ocean of negativity) if you just look for it!

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Do you feel that there are just not enough minutes in the day?

We all get the same 24 hours each day but have you ever looked around and wondered how some people get so much done?

The truth of the matter is that some people are naturals when it comes to time management while others need a bit more practice!

Welcome to our blog and we hope you find everything you need related to time management from practical tips to time management humor.  Whether you are OCD about management your time or you simply need some extra help, this blog is for you!

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